BEYONDthe play button


Video is becoming far more interactive and users have more immersive ways to interact with it than ever before. Today the digital marketing space is being radically transformed by new technologies, each of which represents a huge opportunity for brands. We are moving “Beyond the Play Button” to experiences that are truly interactive.

In this presentation we will be looking at 3 examples of these technologies we have developed and are ready to be implemented.

VR 360° video - not just for glasses

VR 360° Video has been growing at incredible speeds. A short time ago this format required additional hardware such as Oculus or Google Cardboard which limited the technology’s audience. Two recent events have expanded its user base – Facebook’s purchase of Oculus and YouTube’s recent support of VR 360° videos. These events combined with numerous personal and professional 360° capture cameras show that it’s here to stay.

Facebook is currently building native VR 360° video functionality and beginning to incorporate new stories in 360°. This presents a huge opportunity moving forward, to begin thinking about how to build 360° videos that incorporate all the tools of animation and video FX.

Combining our current sophisticated toolset we’ve been able to incorporate techniques like compositing, green-screen and CGI into the VR 360° experience.

Compositing objects in VR 360° through creation of multiple layers not only creates a more compelling and interesting experience for the user, but also opens doors for these objects to be interactive.

Finally, the same files can be used to create immersive experiences both with Oculus and mobile-optimized VR 360° videos with Google Cardboard. Creating the images stereoscopically allows for a fully immersive 3D experience, complete with full, 360° surround sound. Our friends at Heard City are creating the best possible sonic landscape for clients by adding 3D sound design and mixing for VR projects. By adding 3D mixing to VR projects, they are heightening the user’s experience and bringing storytelling to new levels.

Shoppable & interactive videos are now available on mobile

Shoppable videos are redefining the ecommerce landscape through cross-platform, interactive storytelling. ClickFire Media has been working in this space for a number of years. The recent challenge has been to create an experience that works across mobile platforms using HTML5 technology. The new operating systems for IOS and Android are now making it possible to bring this kind of experience across all platforms

In our Kmart Shoppable Experience, an HTML5 video tells the story of people living their daily lives in fashionable clothing. At predetermined hotspots the narrative pauses, allowing users to interact with individual products. The items are themselves seamlessly linked to Kmart’s ecommerce platform via their API. Dynamic overlays and a radically intuitive menu system streamline the experience, further immersing users in a story that feels worth watching for its own sake. At any time users may pause or continue, whether it be through the narrative or to the online catalog.

shoppable videos

Customized video

To date, video personalization has been rudimentary. This is due to high production costs and an inability to easily connect prospect data with a mass-customization engine. The only real solution has been to create hundreds, sometimes thousands of pre-rendered videos and serve the appropriate one to each viewer. Until now.

The Solution:

  1. 1.Assemble a single video at run time from a number of individual clips, focusing on various consumer demographics, behaviors and interests.
  2. 2.Leverage consumer-specific data to generate highly-customized videos in a matter of seconds.

The Technology:

Develop and set up customized server side software and high powered scalable servers such as Amazon’s A3 and CloudFront CDN (Content Delivery Network), which allow concatenation of numerous video clips in near real time. This system allows content creators to focus on the quality of individual pieces and then let the platform take care of the mundane task of assembling the hundreds or thousands of permutations.

The Result:

  1. 1.Much higher response rates.
  2. 2.Highly personalized video, garnering improved targeting response rates.
  3. 3.Acquisition of key data from the customization process itself - including shares.
customized videos

Where can this technology be applied?

  • Retargeting - 24% of marketers in the U.S spend more than half their digital media budgets on retargeting. Personalized video inverts the cadence of retargeting with higher impact ad units that are truly relevant.

  • Websites - Using location data and other known data points, customized video can be incorporated to create a fully engaging, captivating experience.

  • E-mail Marketing Campaigns



Challenge: More brands are searching for ways to create user-generated branded content for social media.
Solution: Our social video service Glif™.

Users write a tweet using a specific #hashtag, and Glif™ automatically creates a custom video using the user’s own tweet. The video is sent back to the user through a tweet notification and features audio, motion graphics, and video clips. We found that videos created via Glif™ get viewed at least 3 times per user.

The video shows one word at a time, paired with video clips relevant to the text. For example ‘Love’ will bring up a video of a heart animation. “I love Coca-Cola #BeyondCoke” will make a video showing the word “I”, then cuts to the word “Love” with a heart animation, which cuts to the words “Coca-Cola” that might also display an enticing shot of the soda.

The system is even capable of creating filters like #snow or #rainbows, which are added when using key hashtags. Profile pictures of your @mentions will also appear in the Glif™ video tweet as well. Finally, this video can be shared to Facebook, retweeted or e-mailed, without leaving Twitter’s native environment.

Try it yourself

  1. Go to Twitter and generate a tweet adding just one of these hashtags: #HomeOfTheNado OR #SaaraURcool
  2. Add anything - Emoji's work and @mentions bring up avatar pics. Even a color hashtag like #red also affects the video!
  3. In 2 or 3 minutes a complete video will magically pop up in your notifications.
  4. Share and enjoy!